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5.4.0 Technology Preview Release
X-Cart version 5.4.0 comes with a bunch of developer-related goodies, so you may want to adapt your addons before the release comes to the merchant stores. Among the most significant changes is the upgrade system. It works autonomously of your live X-Cart instance, which means you can upgrade or add new features without losing stability.
Article about Forwarding Decorators featured at
Hooray, an article about X-Cart decorator system has been published at major developer portal! This article explains our concept for approaching modularity in the app - wrapping classes in other classes and recompiling everything; we recommend any X-Cart developer to read it.
Improvements of event tasks, file integrity checker and other developer features of X-Cart 5.3.2
X-Cart 5.3.2 version comes with a bunch of developer-related goodies and API changes, so you'd want to adapt your modules before the release comes for the merchant stores. Among the most significant changes are the event tasks refactoring, allowing you to create step-based tasks with less effort, the file integrity checker (which can discover files, different to the original release version) and the additional selector for layout type of the home page.
Applying caching techniques in X-Cart to achieve high performance
In this article I’m going to shed some light on what makes X-Cart 5.3 significantly faster than its predecessor. In the first part I will walk you through the process of analyzing performance bottlenecks and present strategies to make things faster. The second part is more of a tutorial that explains how caching works in general and how it is applied in practice using techniques that are available in X-Cart. Given that I’m going to discuss technical matters, this article is mainly aimed at X-Cart developers and system integrators. That said, it can be useful for anyone interested in web application performance and how things work in X-Cart internally.
What is new in 5.3
X-Cart 5.3 comes with significant performance and usability improvements, such as new built-in Crisp White skin, development mode decorator, improved widget caching and developer DebugBar. It also utilizes the power of PHP 7 while PHP 5.4 becomes minimum version. Finally, it comes upgraded with Twig template engine so you'll need to convert old Flexy templates to new Twig ones. This article overviews the major changes in the software and required adaptations.