This article explains how you can increase sku’s length for your products. X-Cart limits sku to 32 characters and if you want to increase this value, you need to write a small mod.

Table of Contents


  1. Create a module. We create a module with developer ID XCMod and module ID SkuLength.
  2. Default sku’s length is defined by this piece of code in the \XLite\Model\Product class (more info about namespaces): ```php?start_inline=1 /**
    • @Column (type=”string”, length=32, nullable=true) */ protected $sku;

    This length=32 bit is what limits the sku’s length. In order to change that, we should decorate \XLite\Model\Product class and define this line to contain length=255 piece instead.

    To decorate the class, we create classes/XLite/Module/XCMod/SkuLength/Model/Product.php file with the following content:

     namespace XLite\Module\XCMod\SkuLength\Model;
      * The "product" model class
     abstract class Product extends \XLite\Model\Product implements \XLite\Base\IDecorator
         * Product SKU
     	* @var string
     	* @Column (type="string", length=255, nullable=true)
        protected $sku;    

That is it. Once you enable this module, your product sku’s length will be increased to 255 characters.

Module pack

You can downlad this module pack from here: XCMod-SkuLength-v5_3_0.tar