This article describes how you can tabs on a page in admin area. For instance, each order page has two tabs: General info and Invoice

For the sake of example, we will create our own tab on product details page.

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We start with creating an empty module with developer ID Tony and module ID ProductTabDemo.

Tab section of a page is defined by the getPages() method of the page’s controller class. Since we want to add our tab to product details page, we are going to decorate its controller \XLite\Controller\Admin\Product (more info about classnames in X-Cart).  We create the <X-Cart>/classes/XLite/Module/Tony/ProductTabDemo/Controller/Admin/Product.php file with the following content: 

// vim: set ts=4 sw=4 sts=4 et:
namespace XLite\Module\Tony\ProductTabDemo\Controller\Admin;

 * Product
abstract class Product extends \XLite\Controller\Admin\Product implements \XLite\Base\IDecorator
    public function getPages()
        $list = parent::getPages();

        $list['custom_tab'] = 'My Custom Tab';

        return $list;

    protected function getPageTemplates()
        $list = parent::getPageTemplates();

        $list['custom_tab'] = 'modules/Tony/ProductTabDemo/tab/custom_tab.twig';

        return $list;

First, we add a new element to an array returned by the getPages() method. This element has key as custom_tab – this means that this tab will be accessed by admin.php?target=product&product_id=5&**page=custom_tab** URL – and value as My Custom Tab – this text will be displayed on the tab.

Next, we need to add a new element to an array returned by the getPageTemplates() method. The key of this new element is the same: custom_tab, value of this element is a template that defines a look of the tab section. In our case, this template will be <X-Cart>/skins/admin/modules/Tony/ProductTabDemo/tab/custom_tab.twig.

Since this template does not exist yet, we need to create it. We create the <X-Cart>/skins/admin/modules/Tony/ProductTabDemo/tab/custom_tab.twig file and define its content as Hello world!. Of course, you can define this template as containing some form or widget.

That is it with this mod. Now we need to re-deploy the store and check the results on any product details page, e.g. admin.php?target=product&product_id=5&page=custom_tab. It should look as follows: 

Module pack

You can download this mod from here: