Search via the search form in X-Cart is performed based on the “any word” parameter; it is possible, however, to change the default behavior so the search is performed by “all words”. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Create the simplest module as described in the section Step 1 - creating simplest module of this manual.

  2. In this module, add a new class:

    namespace XLite\Module\<YOUR-DEVELOPER-ID>/<YOUR-MODULE-ID>\View\Form\Product\Search\Customer;
    class SimpleForm extends \XLite\View\Form\Product\Search\Customer\SimpleForm implements \XLite\Base\IDecorator
       protected function getDefaultParams()
           $params = parent::getDefaultParams();
           $params[\XLite\View\ItemsList\Product\Customer\Search::PARAM_INCLUDING] = \XLite\Model\Repo\Product::INCLUDING_ALL;
           return $params;

    The function getDefaultParams, as you might expect from its name, is responsible for the default parameters of this “View”. 

    We are assigning to the parameter


    the value


    Please take special note of the namespace. If the new file is located at


    it has to be the value namespace XLite\Module\<YOUR-DEVELOPER-ID>/<YOUR-MODULE-ID>\View\Form\Product\Search\Customer;

  3. Re-generate X-Cart cache.

Module pack

You can also install the pre-made module pack to achieve the same effect: