• 2016-09-20 - [Bug] Breadcrumbs widget cache was functioning incorrectly on product and category pages. Fixed. #BUG-3890 (Sergey Elmanov) #Core

  • 2016-09-20 - [Bug] “Open Redirection Vulnerability” security issue. Fixed. Thanks to #BUG-3904 (Eugene Dementjev) #Core

  • 2016-09-08 - [Bug] Fatal error when the buyer was redirected to the payment page not from the checkout page using PayPal Express Checkout with the State field in the address left blank. #BUG-3837 (Michael Lipinski) #Core

  • 2016-09-07 - [Bug] TinyMCE was not converting links correctly when editing notifications on the Email Notifications page. #BUG-3835 (Sergey Elmanov) #Core

  • 2016-09-07 - [Bug] Order numbering was wrong if the store administrator had used the recalculation feature for existing orders in AOM. #BUG-3821 (Sergey Elmanov) #Core